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Dues and Payments


To help make transactions easier, this is the page to be for payment of dues or to make reservations, and pay for, events for Algeria Shrine!

Vidalia Onion Sales

Scan this QR Code to pay for you Vidalia Onions.

Specify the amount you need to pay and also remember to write "Onion Sales" it the comment!

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2023 Dues

Pay your dues here!


Make an Impact

2023 Dues are due December 31st.  However, Nobles who are able to renew ahead of the deadline, December 31st, have an immense impact, helping our temple maintain operations through this difficult time. You can make a positive difference for Algeria Shriners when you go ahead and renew now by clicking on the PAY NOW Button below and enter your dues total in the form (where is says "price per item").

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