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Algeria Shrine Cash Calendar

Having Some Fun!

The annual Algeria Shrine Cash Calendar program was established in the early 1980's as a fundraising effort to support and sustain the Algeria Temple.  All proceeds benefit the Algeria Temple and its local clubs. 

Each Algeria Shrine Club throughout Montana purchases a block of calendars. They then sell those calendars for $20 each, and thereby earn $5 for each calendar they sell to assist their Club in its operational expenses. The remaining $15 is allotted to the Algeria Shrine in Helena to assist with its operational expenses.  

The purchaser of a calendar is eligible to win at every drawing. Because drawings are done on a daily basis, some "winners" have won more than once in a month; and in some cases, several times in a year.  It is an incentive-friendly fundraiser, and has become increasingly popular through the years.


Calendars are free and purchase of the ticket for the cash calendar drawing is optional.

Algeria Shriners extend heartfelt thanks to all who participate in the "Cash Calendar" program. And, as always, GOOD LUCK!

Calendar Cash Winners are listed below. If you go to the bottom of the list, you can see winners from past months.

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