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Updated: Jan 13

2023 Potentate of Algeria Shriners International - Illustrious Sir David Pick and Lady Ruby

The 2023 Algeria Shriners Divan

To make it easier for clubs to find the forms they need, we have created a new folder on our new website. You can find forms for:

  • Petitions for Membership

  • Approval to Perform

  • Fundraising Activity Approval

You can find those forms at the following link:

Nobles -

Please remember to let us know if there are any changes or updates to your Clubs or Units.

Here is the list we post on our website:

If you have updates, please send the updates to our office at and copy me (Rick) at

Also, if you have any events you want added to our Google Calendar or posted on our upcoming events page (blog), please let me know.

Blog: Blog2
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